Bairds hold ag talk


Congressman Jim Baird (IN-04) and State Rep. Beau Baird (HD-44) held a roundtable discussion on agriculture with concerned stakeholders in Crawfordsville on Tuesday. This meeting brought together local producers eager to learn more about developments at the state and federal levels that will impact their farming operations, especially as Congress completes its work on the Farm Bill.

“People are anxious to hear more about what’s being done at every level of government to support our farmers, ranchers, and growers,” said Congressman Baird. “I’m pleased to report that Congress has extended many Farm Bill programs at the Federal level so our producers can continue to rely on them. But these extensions will not replace a full Farm Bill reauthorization. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone for attending this roundtable and sharing their thoughts as we continue our work on the Farm Bill.”

“Farming is more than just a job in west central Indiana. It truly is a deep part of our culture. Our producers need to know that we have their back and are always listening to their needs,” said State Rep. Beau Baird. “Roundtable discussions like this aren’t just about sharing information with my constituents. They’re also about listening to their concerns so I can continue to bring their voice to Indianapolis.”