Commissioners amend C.R. 400W ordinance


Montgomery County Commissioners introduced an amendment Monday to a new ordinance that limits speed and access to certain vehicles on C.R. 400W to U.S. 231 North.

The amendment changes the type of allowable vehicles by adding school buses and other vehicles providing services to residences along the road.

Commissioner John Frey said he and the other two commissioners heard from residents with concerns about the new ordinance they passed three weeks ago. The ordinance stated no large trucks could use the road except grain trucks during harvest.

Several issues were voiced by residents living on the road, including complaints about the depth of ditches and the soft berm.

Frey said the county used all the tools available to address issues about road safety. He acknowledged that commissioners were aware of two fatalities on the road in the past several years which were caused by high speed. He also said the road is listed in the county’s Highway Improvement Plan and Road Safety System. The study rates the road as being safe.

“We have slowed down the speed limits twice on the road now,” Frey said. “Commissioners we will continue to monitor the road. At this time everyone needs to slow down and drive more safely.”

Commissioner Jim Fulwider acknowledged the county may need to do some work on the road and commissioners need to continue monitoring for safety.

“In my opinion, we are not done yet,” Fulwider said.

Commissioners adopted four ordinances on final reading for services provided within the county court system totaling $401,719. The grants provide funding for the Family Recovery Court Program, funding the Probation Office, costs related to the Drug Court Programs and costs related to recovery and substance abuse treatment. All the grants were provided by state funded entities.

County Treasurer Heather Laffoon received approval to enter into an agreement with Certified Payments for collecting online payments for property tax installments. The service fee per transaction will be 2.5% for Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards with a minimum fee of $2. There will be a $2 fee for electronic checks and ACH payments.