Commissioners approve study of Milligan building


Montgomery County Commissioners took another step Monday toward completing the ADA project at the Thomas K. Milligan Justice Center at 307 Binford St.

To advance the project, Building Administrator and ADA Coordinator Marc Bonwell advised commissioners that a topography study was needed on the property which houses the probation department in order for DLZ Engineering to do its job.

Commissioners approved a $6,000 work order with Deckard Engineering for the study. The information will be completed by mid-May.

“We have been talking about this project for a long time,” Bonwell said. “Hopefully, this time we get it done.”

Once the survey is completed, DLZ Engineering will design a plan to make the building ADA compliant.

County Highway Director Jacob Lough received permission to notify bidders for the Community Crossroads grant. The grant awarded the county $1,294,620 with the county matching $431,334 for a estimated cost of $1,725,954.05.

Lough told commissioners that a press release distributed concerning the grant was wrong. He said the initial information stated that Nucor Road and several roads in housing additions were going to be paved, when in fact the funds are going to be used for preservation of all the roads by using cape sealing. Nucor Road ditches will be bermed.

A new ordinance to satisfy a request from Montgomery County Sheriff Ryan Needham was introduced. The ordinance will enable the sheriff to claim abandoned and unclaimed personal property to be disposed of as surplus property.

Commissioners signed a proclamation making April 26 as Montgomery County Arbor Day.

Commissioners also signed a proclamation designating May 12-18 National Police Week and proclaiming May 15 as Police Officer Memorial Day.