Commissioners OK subdivision


Montgomery County Commissioners approved a re-zoning requesgt for a new subdivision in the county after a public hearing on Monday.

The acreage was zoned agriculture and will now be zoned residential. The new subdivision is located just west of Shannondale in the 1000 block of S.R. 32 East. It contains nine acres and will be divided into three lots.

The approval did come with the condition that the owners, GPE Inc., must contact INDOT to have the entry onto S.R. 32 approved.

Commissioners approved a new memo of understanding with the City of Crawfordsville for the Purple Heart Parkway. The new agreement makes contributions between the county and city at 50% each. Previously the old arrangement stated the city would be responsible of only 47% of the cost to construct the road east of U.S. 231 South. The new agreement includes the design and construction for the extension of Purple Heart Parkway between U.S. 231 South and Ladoga Road.

Commissioners signed a contract between United Consulting Inc. for a new bridge inspection report. The cost of the inspection will be $344,025. Upon completion the state will reimburse the county 80% of the total cost.

County Highway Director Jake Lough told commissioners the report will meet the state’s mandate to have a new bridge inspection done every four years.

Commissioners approved a new copier lease for the county health department. The health department entered into a 60-month payment of $146 per month and a maintenance contract in the amount of $168 per quarter.

The May 18 county payroll amount of $443,012 was approved as was account payables in the amount of $2,967,177.


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