Commissioners proceed with new road project


Montgomery County Commissioners took the next steps in constructing an extension of the Purple Heart Parkway.

Commissioners signed an agreement with contractors, Crider and Crider to build a new road that extends from U.S. 231 South to Ladoga Road. The contract goes into effect immediately. It also establishes a September 2024 deadline for substantial completion.

Construction costs are being funded by a state READI grant in the amount of $2 million. The rest of the costs will be shared by the City of Crawfordsville and the county. The county estimates its portion to be $1,655,000. Funds will come from the American Rescue Act.

Commissioners also approved an amendment to a memorandum of understanding with the city. The city has agreed to pay VS Engineering to inspect the highway’s construction.

The effort to attract new residential housing to both the city and county now includes a new agreement between the two government entities.

The agreement will provide infrastructure funding for new housing development projects. The new program will be administered by Thrive West Central, an organization that provides consulting and technical advice for house related endeavors.

The contract will be split evenly between the city and county with each paying $37,500.

Commission President John Frey said getting Thrive West Central on board is a good step forward in solving the county housing problems. He said Thrive has been successful in Terre Haute in the last few years.

“We sat in meetings with Thrive and city government and concluded Terre Haute was dealing with housing issues like we are,” Frey said. “We believe Thrive is a very viable opportunity for the county.”

The city and county also will share costs on continuing to make improvements on the county’s closed landfill. Both the city and county will pay $48,350 to Butler, Fairman and Seufert Engineering to conduct a study on what it will take to continue improving the landfill. The study will include the costs to cap the area with landfill cap material, place topsoil and reseed the area.

Commissioners re-established the Cumulative Bridge Fund rate. The rate will remain at $.075 per $100 of assessed value.

In other business, commissioners:

• Tabled a memorandum of understanding with the city to financially support the Mobil Integrated Health Community Paramedic Program until more information is obtained.

• Authorized the probation department to purchase a 2024 GMC 1500 in the amount of $32,525.

• Re-appointed Conrad Harvey to the Public Defender Board.

• Appointed Carter Wilson to the Convention & Visitors Commission board of directors.