County adopts amendments to zoning ordinance


Montgomery County Commissioners adopted amendments to the county’s zoning ordinance on Monday. The amendments were forwarded to the commissioners by the plan commission with a favorable recommendation.

The county’s zoning ordinance establishes allowable land uses and has standards regarding each land use. The first zoning ordinance was adopted in 2019.

The amendments addressed allowable land uses in each zoning district, established new zoning districts and established new standards for signage, parking, lighting and landscaping. The amendments also clarified accessory uses and established development standards for each zoning district.

The new zoning districts include four new residential districts, a second commercial district and an institutional district. Prior to the amendment, the zoning ordinance had six zoning districts: agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural overlay and planned unit development.

The new residential districts will separate allowable residential uses in to lower and higher density districts.

A change in a property’s zoning district requires review by the plan commission and a final vote by commissioners.