Crawfordsville Kiwanis


Karen Branch, director of the Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau, spoke to the Crawfordsville Kiwanis Club this past Thursday to tell the members about the new programs that they are working on for the YSB.

The MCYSB was recently awarded a grant from the Lilly Foundation of over $500,000.00 to develop programs to continue to help kids in Montgomery County. The YSB currently has ten other programs that service the kids, but Branch said that more is needed.

One of the programs will help with youth mental health in Montgomery County where today there is only one provider per ninety patients that need help.  In most cases children must wait one to six months to get into a provider. Branch described this program as a “Bridge Therapist”, for children who have a need but cannot get into a provider. This Bridge Therapist will provide therapy until the child can get into that mental health provider, and at no charge to the child or their family.

Linking up with their alternative school for high school students Branch talked about the development of an alternative school program for middle school students. This would give the opportunity to these students who have been expelled or suspended from school to continue receiving education if they so desire.

The third new program is a boy’s mentoring program like their current Inspire program for young girls. This program would be open to boys ages twelve to eighteen.  Branch said the real need here is for adult mentors to help with these young boys.

Lastly, Branch accepted a check to the YSB, from the Crawfordsville Kiwanis Club, for $1,500.00 in their continuing quest to work with children and the Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau.