Food insecurity, battling hunger topic of LWV event


Kier Crites Muller and Cait Parker from Food Finders will be this month’s speakers at Lunch with the League on at noon Friday at Fusion 54. Muller, president and CEO, and Parker, director of external relations and events, will talk about food insecurity in Montgomery County, what it means for the community and how Food Finders is addressing it.

Programs, including SNAP Outreach and the Mobile Food Pantry, seek to meet the food needs of people who face hunger daily.

The mission of Food Finders as reflected on their website is, “we provide food and connections to life-stabilizing resources when our neighbors need us most.”

Hunger plays a role in the every day life of people who don’t have or cannot locate resources for food. The search for food takes over their life and occupies their every day existence. According to an article in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, “Children who were at nutritional risk had significantly poorer attendance, punctuality, and grades at school, more behavior problems, and were less likely to eat breakfast at school than children who were not at nutritional risk.” Ann Nutr Metab (2002) 46 (Suppl. 1): 24-30.

The call for donations at the local food banks has increased over the year as more and more people need the resources they provide. The faces of hunger include not only children but also senior citizens, people with disabilities, people who live in “food deserts.” Circumstances for a family can change drastically with the loss of income through job loss or a major health issue.

Join the League of Women Voters on Friday. The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization whose interest is informing the public on issues of vital interest. All Lunch with the League events are open to the public and will allow time for questions and answers at the end of each presentation.