Spring is in the Air

For The Birds

NAHS invite public to create birdhouses, bird feeders

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Have you noticed the sweet sounds of the birds chirping as spring has arrived in central Indiana? The birds are singing for their supper, as their songs remind us to fill our bird feeders and enjoy the concert.

The CHS National Art Honor Society, known for its commitment to creativity and community engagement, wants to help you “book the band” of your favorite birds with an upcycled Earth Month project.

The NAHS members cordially invite the public of all ages to join them in creating birdhouses and bird feeders at Crawfordsville High School on Friday at 5 p.m. This event is a way of showing appreciation for the community and is free of charge.

At this unique and interactive event, attendees will have the hands-on experience of creating new bird feeders from recycled milk cartons and soda bottles. The CHS Art Department and the National Art Honor Society students will provide all supplies. Participants are welcome to bring their own cartons, bottles and decorations to personalize their creations if desired.

Senior art student Elli Jeffries sparked this community initiative as a delightful way to honor Earth Month.

“When I was a young student in Massachusetts, Earth Day was a momentous occasion,” she said. “I wanted to bring the same sense of community and learning to our Crawfordsville community.”

The NAHS group eagerly embraced the idea.

Crafters should check in at the CHS main office upon arrival. An art society student will meet you and guide you to the art room location.