Thanks & More

Franciscan Health Crawfordsville appreciates support


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Franciscan Health Crawfordsville has received an abundance of support from the community through donations from small businesses and members of the surrounding community. These donations have come in a variety of ways to boost morale and help those on the front lines. One individual had a unique way of contributing that was more than needed.

Brenda Tarter, licensed esthetician from Glow Girl Esthetics, partnered with Hoosier Heartland State Bank and other private donors to provide 40 skincare kits to various healthcare professionals at Franciscan Health Crawfordsville whose faces and skin had been impacted by the nonstop wearing of masks.

“The idea came from several clients of mine, that are having to wear masks for hours on end, who reached out and asked what they could do for their faces and the toll the masks were taking on them, said Tarter. “After receiving so many calls, I thought to myself, this is bad, what can I do to help?”

She realized she had a unique opportunity to be of service, knowing exactly what these healthcare workers needed to keep their skin healthy using the right ingredients.

“My intent was to make sure they have the tools needed to allow them to help themselves get their skin in peak condition to withstand the friction of the masks and the heat behind them,” Tarter explained.

There have been many other ways that the community has shown its support. Franciscan Health Crawfordsville has a Gratitude Wall which displays notes, logos, drawings, cards and more from the community showing their thankfulness to the local healthcare heroes. The wall is updated regularly and staff are encouraged to visit it for a moment of quiet where they can rest, destress and see how valued they are.

Franciscan Health Crawfordsville is asking for the community to continue its support by sending more notes and cards to inspire the Franciscan employees. Additionally, if anyone is looking to do even more for the organization, they can help Franciscan in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by donating to its Preparedness & Response Fund.

If you or someone you know are interested in submitting something for the Gratitude Wall or making a monetary donation, contact or send their Gratitude Wall addition to: Franciscan Health Foundation, Attn: Sandy Howarth, 1501 Hartford St., Lafayette, IN 47904; or email or call 765-423-6809.