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Goodrich, Frees plan energetic dance number

Darla Goodrich and Steve Frees are partners in the 10th annual Dancing with the Montgomery County Stars.
Darla Goodrich and Steve Frees are partners in the 10th annual Dancing with the Montgomery County Stars.
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Darla Goodrich

Darla Goodrich is the senior minister at First Christian Church in Crawfordsville. She has lived in Crawfordsville since August 2016 when she became the minister at First Christian.

In her spare time, Goodrich loves to paint, run, hike, travel, camp, yoga, read and most of all, spend time with her family. She is married to Mark Frank and they have four grown children, Kara, Brant, Megan and Jamie, and three adorable feline family members, Blueberry, Fritter and Rooney.

Her first reaction when she was asked to be a Star was to wonder if they were really talking about her. But then, she felt deeply humbled, excited and terrified all at once. She reports that she is having so much fun learning how to dance with her incredible instructor and dance partner, Steve Frees.

She decided to participate in Dancing with the Montgomery County Stars because the Youth Service Bureau does a fantastic job in supporting, empowering and advocating for the wellbeing of the most vulnerable and the most promising persons in our community — our youth.

“I hope that the public comes to this event as it is just one more sign of a community that takes seriously the needs of our young people, as well as, a sign that we are a community that understands that the wellbeing of our young people is essential to the wellbeing of the whole community,” Goodrich said. “I hope people will come to be both an individual and communal witness that love for our kids abides here in Montgomery County.”


Steve Frees

Steve Frees is a retired teacher. He is now a part-time tour guide. He has lived in Montgomery County all his life.

In his free time, Frees loves to sponsor trips, cruise, play with his grandchildren and dance. He and his wife, Glenda, have two children, Allison and Andrew. Allison and her husband, Chris Williams, have two daughters, Ruby, 5, and Vera, 2. Drew has three children, Noa, 7, Miles, 5, and James, 3.

Steve took ballroom dance classes at Indiana State University. He and Glenda taught dance classes at ISU and have taught all types of dance at the Crawfordsville Park and Recreation Department. He has no real favorite genre of dance, he loves them all.

Steve and Glenda have been a part of Montgomery County Dancing with the Stars since it started in 2013.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of this event,” Frees said. “We have met and made such good friends over the years. It is like a family — you may not see them often, but when you do, it is great to reminisce. Every year I tell the staff that I am not going to be in DWTS because no one wants to see an old man shaking his booty. But each year they convince me to do it. As long as I am able and can help out the wonderful YSB, I’ll keep on dancing. As a retired teacher, who taught 40 years, I have seen the incredible help that the Youth Service Bureau contributes to our youth.”

Frees added that the public should come because, “I believe this is one of the nicest groups we have worked with. You can feel the love that the dancers have for the youth of Montgomery County. Darla and my dance is a jam packed 50’s number that you won’t want to miss.”