Rotary’s first well in Haiti a success


Editor’s Note: Crawfordsville Rotary Club member Ron Hess is in Haiti overseeing the construction of several wells in the mountains of Haiti. The local Rotary Club raised more than $60,000 to have five wells constructed in three weeks. Hess is sending the Journal Review updates on the project so local donors will stay informed.

HAITI -— Crawfordsville Rotarian Ron Hess phoned with good news from Haiti on Thursday. The first well project was to be completed Friday and his well digging group experienced little problems on the first leg of the trip.

“We got down to Haiti with no problems and the flight to Jereme was good,” Hess said. “All of our partners met us and after taking a couple of days to get organized on the ground, we started our trek up the mountain to our first project area.”

Once arriving at the top of the mountain, well drillers from Water for Life were prepared to drill a 600-foot well but, after a short time something surprising happened.

“We were expecting to reach water somewhere around 600 feet down, but we got good water at 170 feet,” Hess said. “The local Haitians were so excited when they saw that water flowing out of the well. I admit, I was too.”

Hess said the project, when complete, should provide water to several thousand Haitians who presently have no fresh water source. The group plans to drill at least five wells which will bring water to several schools and clinics.

“I really want the people back home to know that they are helping so many people and that their donations are being used as we hoped,” Hess said. “I only wish all of the donors back home could hear the excitement and smiles of the children who are seeing fresh water in their immediate area for the first time. It is all a true blessing.”