HUE welcomes The Collective


Local non-profit organization Humans United for Equality is pleased to announce The Collective as a new program committee. The Collective, led by Chenel Darby, will focus on connecting and supporting Black and Brown youth and young adults in the local community.

They hope to provide resources, educational activities and social engagement opportunities that prepare young men and women to realize their highest potential, as well as provide a space for them to explore and address local and national issues that affect them.  Programs will include entrepreneurship, financial and social wellness, leadership development, arts, history, college preparedness, transportation, interpersonal communication and more.

The Collective is aligned with HUE’s overall mission to develop an awareness and understanding of the ways that diversity and equality make our community stronger and our lives richer. Joining forces will be beneficial to the community.

“We are excited to reach young people that haven’t engaged with HUE yet and see the connections we can help one another make,” said Deborah Kochert, HUE president.

“The Collective is excited for this dynamic opportunity to be a committee of HUE,” Darby said. “Our team looks forward to the impact our partnership will have on local youth and young adults through education and engagements.”

The Collective welcomes the community to attend the following upcoming events held at the Wabash Fine Arts Center:

• 2 p.m. Sunday for a College Readiness Workshop;

• 3 p.m. Oct. 22, in the cinema for Drumline; and

• 3 p.m. Dec. 3 in the cinema for One Night in Miami.

The Collective is HUE’s second committee. The other is Immigrant Allies which works to support immigrants and educate about their positive influence on our community.

For more information about HUE, its mission, committees and events visit www.huemoco.org or follow them on Facebook @HumansUnitedForEquality.