Jain marks 25 years serving community


After living on the northeast coast in Connecticut, Dr. Arun Jain always believed he would have his long-term medical practice somewhere other than in the Midwest. He never imagined he would be celebrating a 25th anniversary in a rural Indiana city that he now calls home.

Jain, an independent obstetrician-gynecologist, fell in love with Crawfordsville when he and his wife, Dr. Anita Joshi, a pediatrician, moved to Indiana in 1997.

“When we first got here, we thought we would stay maybe five years and then move on,” Jain said. “And now look, it could be 50 years before you know it.”

Growing up in Connecticut was nothing like Montgomery County, Jain said.

“We came to the area to fill a void in medical care,” Jain said. “We soon found the people were very welcoming and we felt welcomed from day one. People would go out of their way to just say hello and everyone was friendly. You don’t have that on the East Coast.”

In his time here, Jain has delivered more than 1,000 babies. Although he no longer delivers babies, Jain still has connections with those he helped bring into the world. Those relationships now span generations and is one key element to his successful practice.

“My patients always come back to me,” Jain said. “I now am at the point that I am providing medical services to the grandchildren of those I have helped. We have seen those we delivered grow up into adults. We know their life stories.”

Jain started Women’s Health Specialists in 1998, but now limits his practice to gynecology. His private practice focuses on innovations for women’s health including the latest options for birth control, incontinence, menstrual problems and hormone replacement therapy. He has a special interest in minimally invasive surgery including hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and vaginal surgery. He is certified in da Vinci Robotic surgery as well.

Jain points to his great staff as another key element to his success.

“One big factor is that we have had great people work for us,” Jain said. “A familiar face in the office, or voice on the phone, has allowed us a level of consistency with our patients. When people phone the office, they know we can take care of them.”

Reaching a 25-year milestone at one place is special, especially in the medical world today. Jain is pleased he has been able to maintain consistent care to those who need it.

“Through all the years, our staff has maintained its’ enthusiasm for treating our patients,” Jain said. “I want to thank the community for trusting us. It has been an honor and privilege.”

How much longer do Jain and Joshi want to remain practicing medicine? The answer to that question is simple.

“I imagine I would work until I am 88 years old or until my staff tells me it is time to quit,” Jain said. “I just love what I do.”