JUMP enjoys Family Fun Day at pool

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JUMP had its annual Family Fun Day last weekend at Milligan Park Pool.

The JUMP program, which is a mentoring program for children, has an annual event that includes the mentors, their mentees and the families of both. This is a fun evening of food, swimming and socializing at the Milligan Park Pool.

“It is nice for everyone to get together and get to know each other better at this event,”  said one mentor.

This year the event also included those children and their families who are on the waiting list.

The JUMP program is designed to be a one-on-one mentoring program for kids in our community. The goal is to offer those children a positive role model and a chance to experience things they may not otherwise get a chance to do. The mentors also get a chance to connect with a youth, have fun and get out and do things they might not do if they weren’t mentoring a child. It is a win/win for both sides of the equation.

“I love seeing the kids and their families having summer fun along side of their mentors,” said program manager Jill Hampton. “It really is a program meant to benefit the entire family so it is fitting to see everyone together for this event each year. We had a great time with over 60 people attending.”

The JUMP program can always use adult volunteers 21 and older to match with the children on the waiting list. Also, if there are children who could use a mentor, make sure to get them involved as well.

To be a part of the JUMP program, contact Hampton at 765-362-0694, ext. 103, or email

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