Kellena Gean Johnson

Aug. 30, 1953-Nov. 3, 2022


Kellena Gean Johnson, 69, passed in the afternoon of Nov. 3, 2022, at the place she resided for 13 years located in Crawfordsville.

She was a very friendly and outgoing person and had three daughters (one is deceased from a brain tumor). Kellena lived in several different places including with her foster family, Westine and Clayton Wilson, from age 13-18 at which time she married Terry Lee Johnson. They were married for 10 years. After the divorce, she kept the same name Johnson for her kids.

As a young person she worked in factories and loved competing with her last quota.

She loved fishing, camping, children, people, grandkids, great-grandkids, home, family, nature, earth, tanning, clean home, sweets, eating, town of Crawfordsville, her jobs, Avon, driving, independence, traveling to see new places, Mall of American, restaurants, collectables, Lucky her cat, Obama, Terry Johnson’s wife and family, clothing, garage sales, Mammoth Cave, Florida, shopping, cards, dice, pictures, selling Avon, Patriots, Elvis, music, drive in movies, theaters, flowers, butterflies, lightening bugs, humming birds, chimes, parks, grilling, puzzles, games, TV, Lifetime, POP, Hallmark, CNN, football and Netflix. She loved them all!

Kellena was very strong and survived all life’s swings. Her whole life was beautiful and challenging.

She loved and took in her heart everyone including strangers. She never met a stranger before.

May we all remember her in peace. We will always love her. She is being cremated. May best wishes be out to each and everyone who knew her. And those who didn’t know her, she will keep you in her heart.