Letter: Change what needs changed


Our country was founded in 1776 and John Lewis is the first African-American to have the honor to lie in state in our country. If this does not destroy the false statement of no racial discrimination, nothing else will ever do it.

African-Americans have fought in every war this country has ever been in and promised freedom and it never was granted by our leaders, and our president does not have enough integrity to pay his respects. We put the African-Americans that play football, basketball, movie stars and any that entertain us on pedestals because they entertain us, but the average people are viewed as less human than the white society.

I remember the 60’s when the protests happened and I have not seen that much change. We all hate the destruction and violence that we see on television but what is going to change what needs to be changed? This is not the values I want my great-grandchildren to live by.

Donna Stull



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