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Letter: Downtown parking remains problematic


I work for a business downtown on Main Street in Crawfordsville. We often have parking issues. At times the police have been called to lend us a hand and they have been great at doing so. The rules are pretty simple, two-hour parking, after that you get a parking ticket. As a community I feel we can do better.

I want to ask for consideration for the elderly, the business owner, and the disabled. Even if you aren’t breaking the law with your parking habits it hurts small businesses here in the downtown. The other day I pulled into a parking lot with meters over by Pike Street and couldn’t even see my workplace. I had to cross a couple small parking lots to come into the building I work, which I’m OK with. The problem was a medium-sized bus parked in front blocking the entire view of our building. We have a front entrance that’s probably 40 feet high and maybe 30 feet wide. I couldn’t see anything in my workplace. After the bus was there an hour or so my boss put a letter on their windshield and called the police. Somehow it was handled the driver came and moved the bus.

I’m sure this driver never thought once about the small businesses on this street. My guess is he went to a meeting at Fusion 54 and was conducting his own business. PNC/Fusion 54 seem pretty busy every day. They have a sizable parking area of their own which is usually full. We had several police officers a week or so ago and they took up many places downtown.

I wish there was a good solution, but most likely not. We just need to think more about others. We have many elderly folks come in and complain about the parking. I’m just asking if you’re going to be an hour or more maybe you shouldn’t park in front of the businesses along Main Street.

Sorry this is the situation, but many of us are just busy running our own lives and don’t think. Maybe this letter will help some. I hope it does changes things even just a little.

Betty Munro