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Letter: Help those who cannot help themselves


My name is Trevor McKinney, and I am a junior at Wabash College studying philosophy and political science. I was recently given a project to help raise awareness for an issue that I am passionate about, and I thought who better to tell than my own community?

As a man of strong faith, I was immediately drawn to focusing on individuals who may not be blessed enough to express their religious beliefs like myself. Upon further research, I was able to read about the extreme struggles of individuals in Afghanistan whose religious beliefs do not perfectly align with those in power. Every day people are being persecuted, forced into hiding, and even executed for believing what they choose to believe. This may be a global issue, but I see it as the responsibility of all to help others get the freedoms that they deserve to possess.

Whether you are an individual of a specific religion or do not believe in any higher power, I believe that we are all to respect each other for their views and allow them the right to practice what they choose to. I have partnered with an organization that sends money, food, and religious resources to the individuals affected by the tyrannical rule to make a tiny ripple in a major issue.

Today, I write hoping that perhaps a few of you reading may take the time to see what you can do to help raise support for these people who do not have the capacity to do it themselves. An array of organizations are dedicated to this issue, so fire up your computer and find one that suits you. Whether it is money, food, clothes, and just a letter, your help goes a long way.

Trevor McKinney