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Letter: Reader believes Biden will heal, save our country


I was glad to read Michael Fons Friday letter to the editor on President Donald Trump. I felt vindicated and resolute in wanting Trump removed from office or voted out in November, whichever comes first.

Trump’s interview with Chris Wallace was a bomb. He claimed U.S. has “best mortality rates” when in fact we are the worst. Even India is lower than us and they are four times bigger.
Trump only cares about “numbers.” As his niece Mary Trump said Friday and Saturday night in interviews, Trump is incapable of leadership and critical thinking because that would mean admitting mistakes and he won’t do that because of the family’s abhorrence to weakness like that, including feeling empathy, sadness or caring for something.

Trump has cost us tens of thousands of lives due to his lack of concern for the COVID-19 virus in March by saying it was a hoax, in April that it would just fade away in May when he thought situation better opened up country prematurely and then the bigger surge came and now we have over 140,000 deaths and one day highest case of 72,000. He has barred Dr. Fauci and CDC and moved information to HHS.

Trump is a criminal, a sadist, a racist, habitual liar and psychopath: profile from someone with a PHD in psychology, his niece Mary. As Robert DeNiro said, “Trump is a fake and a loser. He calls everything fake because he is fake.” He has divided our country and tried to ignore death of George Floyd and enables white supremicists to run roughshod over the peaceful protesters of Black Lives Matter.

Trump is indeed the worst president in the history of of our country. If he is reelected, there will be no hope for a Democratic society again. Vote for Biden to heal and save our torn country.

Rita Stewart Locker


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