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Letter: Reader wants to see Aldi here


An answer to the question of why Montgomery County needs an Aldi store.

As a single working woman who pays my own bills, is paying off her own house, and is working to give her rescued dog a better life, I find the grocery shopping experience in Crawfordsville, equal to that of attempting to shave a wild mongoose; not impossible but not enjoyable either.

Between Walmart and Kroger jeopardizing a basic necessity to living, food, I find it utterly revolting.

As a person who has never denied herself groceries, I would’ve had to start having grilled cheese sandwiches without the cheese if I didn’t travel out for the basics; which also costs gas money, but I’ll reserve that soapbox for another day.

Kroger charges nearly $4 for a bag of chees slices. Aldi charges $1.89 for a bag of cheese slices. Thank the dairy gods for Aldi!

Walmart may be slightly cheaper on some items, but simply walking inside is a sensory overload, not to mention an emotional catastrophe when most of the essential products, eggs, milk, yogurt, and of course, cheese.

With gas prices already a hopeless monopoly in Crawfordsville, it would be a relief to have a store that can offer quality food for reasonable prices.

I can’t remember the last time I had a fridge full of groceries and a full tank of gas at the same time. Can you?

Let me ask, what harm would an Aldi do to our community? Might harm the silver-lined pockets of the local political puppeteers, perhaps. For the basic simple citizen trying to carve out a living in this sweet little town, it would add revenue. What do people do with more money in their pockets? With the extra money, they could shop locally, invest their money, pay their bills, cook a grilled cheese sandwich, sleep better at night cause they can actually afford to turn the heat on, and maybe treat themselves to a full tank of gas for a country drive. Wishful thinking I know.

If this town wants to keep on going, it needs to provide an adequate supply of necessities for its citizens to thrive, not just survive. For growth, there must be sustenance.

Would it cripple the county to provide at least one reasonable place to shop for basics?

Who would suffer if an Aldi were brought to Crawfordsville? Maybe Walmart and Kroger would suffer. After the hurtin’ they’ve put on my wallet, I’m OK with that.

While I’m dwelling in this hopeful mindset, it would be just peachy if the roller skating ring was open again and I know for a fact that it would be a happier community if there were a Fazoli’s restaurant here too.

Praise Sharp



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  • Randy Pickering

    I have contacted Aldi many times. They said city had enough options: that was when we had two Kroger, two Craw-ford and County Mkt. Finally the city has caught up to the fact that we have 2 groceries now adn a slew of overpriced grocery aisles in discount stores. Certainly not enough for base citizens of the community! I go to 4 different Aldi that are within 40 miles of Crawfordsville to buy majority of groceries we need. I always wrap that trip around other appointments but I still have to buy some things local. Thank you Praise, you have started a new discussion.

    Thursday, February 9 Report this