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Letter: Redmaster qualified candidate for judge


I am writing this letter as a police officer who lives and serves in Montgomery County and am asking for your support of Christopher Redmaster for Judge of Superior Court 2. I have been serving for nearly 21 years, knowing him almost the entire time. Chris is a caring family man, a husband of 33 years, a father of two beautiful daughters, and a grandfather. These, along with his 30 years of trial experience ranging from wrongful death lawsuits to complex multiple felony criminal cases, brings a unique life experience and fosters wisdom in a person, the exact kind of wisdom we want and need on the bench in our courtrooms.

As I was a young officer coming out of the academy years ago, area defense attorneys quickly became familiar. Redmaster stood out from most defense attorneys as a man who was respected by police officers. He clearly had a good relationship with police while being a good defense attorney. Not all defense attorneys can say that unfortunately. I know that it is because he is humble, honest, sincere and has a great sense of humor. He has a heart for people. Yet, he is uniquely able to put his emotions aside and do his job with integrity and professionalism.

I once had the opportunity to be cross-examined in a drug case where he was the defense attorney. Redmaster was firm in the defense of his client, direct and challenging in his questioning, but was fair and consistent in upholding the rules of the court. He will undoubtedly do the same as the Judge of Superior Court 2. He will apply the statutes of Indiana with impartiality; fairly, firmly and unbiased to everyone who is before him with the most careful administration of his authority.

This is an important decision that should not be made on mere popularity, but merit. Thus, Redmaster is obviously the most knowledgeable, experienced and qualified candidate for judge upon comparison and has already earned your vote.

Jim Cody



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