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Letter: Vote for progress, vote Republican


In my opinion, the best candidate for Hillsboro Town Board is Republican candidate Cliff Wrede. The days of living in the Wild West are long over and those who have served on the town board in the past are the problem and not the solution. This small town is in dire need of forward thinking individuals with the motivation and stamina to get the job done. It makes no difference where you or your family has lived in the past. It makes no difference how many family members resort to posting on social media. It makes no difference that some members are threatened by new and innovative ideas. It makes no difference that some want to wallow in the mud. What does matter is the ability to serve our community with intelligence, experience and the inclination to think outside the box and rise above the mudslinging.

Mr. Wrede will be the catalyst to getting our small town back to the days when it was thriving with business and before the doors were shuttered. That is where the good ole boy mentality has gotten Hillsboro. Worse than ever before in its history. It is truly a shame that no one goes to the board meetings anymore, but because of the town board’s hostility toward its residents and their concerns, most have simply given up.

It is time for new blood and for someone to finally take some action toward improvement.

If your choice on voting day is to keep this town status quo, enjoy living with your decision. I would strongly suggest that you vote Republican and Cliff Wrede for Town Board of Hillsboro and enjoy some much-needed change.

Lori A. Wrede



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