Thanks & More

Lyons grateful for community support


I know these “thank yous” are late. I want to apologize for that; life just got away from me. First, I like to thank the Girl Scout Troop for their kind thoughts sending us the card and candy to us clients who receive Meals on Wheels. Thanks for caring for others in our wonderful community.

My thanks go out to Ivy Tech for the small box of such of a large array of gifts. I was astonished that so many useful articles could come out of such a small box. You, ladies, must have a large and loving heart. Thank you all.

My thanks go out to Meals on Wheels and all the invisible people who work long and hard in all kinds of weather to ensure we get appetizing meals. Meals on Wheels have been a heaven-sent to all of us who can no longer prepare our meals.

I would like to thank the Crawfordsville Public Library Home Bound Delivery, my volunteer Ann Watson, who delivers books to me, and Crystal, who is on the library’s staff and is a walking, talking computer. I’ve had so many days, months, and years of enjoyable reading. I would also like to thank the library for the wonderful bag of items for the solar eclipse.

Isn’t it wonderful living in Crawfordsville, Indiana, a city so giving.

Sondra S. Lyons