Make civic engagement a 2020 resolution


At this time of year when many of us make resolutions, the League of Women Voters encourages all to include citizen engagement in your goals for 2020.

The American governmental system, conceived by our founding fathers more than 200 years ago, has provided the framework for the most responsive government in the world; but it only works if citizens are informed and involved.

Be knowledgeable about the issues. Montgomery County citizens are invited to attend the State of Community public meeting which will be held Jan. 16 on the third floor of Fusion 54. “Meet and greet will be at 6:30 p.m. with addresses beginning at 7 p.m.

Voting is the most fundamental right and responsibility of American citizens. Very important primary and general elections will be held in 2020 for county, state, and national offices. To be eligible to vote, you must be registered. If you are not presently registered, you can register in person at the Voter Registration Office at the courthouse or at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Founded by activists who secured voting rights for women, the League has always worked to promote the values and processes of representative government. Protecting and enhancing voting rights for all Americans, assuring opportunities for citizen participation, working for open, accountable, representative and responsive government at every level — all reflect the deeply held convictions of the League of Women Voters.

The League believes that democratic government depends upon informed and active participation in all levels of government. The LWV further believes that governmental bodies must protect the citizen’s right to know by giving adequate notice of proposed actions, holding open meetings and making public records accessible. The Montgomery County League has an active Observers Corps with League members regularly observing more than twenty city and county boards, councils, and commissions.

Governmental officials are to be encouraged to have vision for the future so that our communities and county can prosper. There are many factors that contribute to economic health including business and industry, education and training, recreation and tourism, health care and housing.

Cooperation and coordination among the city, the county, and other local entities are exceedingly important to the economic health and development of Montgomery County and directly impact all these factors. Genuine dialogue among all players in the county with continued education and understanding of what is involved in economic development is essential.

Consistent, focused and coherent activity with consideration given to long-term goals is vital. To be successful in today’s competitive world will require awareness of opportunities and new approaches. A willingness to invest real resources when needed is also important.

The LWV encourages our local elected and appointed officials with support of informed citizens to continue to move forward in 2020.


All men and women are invited to join the non-partisan League of Women Voters which encourages informed and active participation in government. For information about the League, visit the website: or send a message to: LWV, P.O. Box 101, Crawfordsville, IN 47933.


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