Medication drop off sites help ensure safety of others


Are you aware that our community has two permanent medication drop off locations? Medication drop off locations are important to our community. They are used for medication that is unneeded, unused and expired. A few of the most important reasons that medication should be dropped off is to ensure the safety of others by not allowing harmful ingestion or misuse and abuse. These drop off boxes are located at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, 600 Memorial Drive, and the Crawfordsville Police Station, 311 N. Green St. While these areas do have video surveillance, it is not a crime to drop off medications in these boxes. Those boxes are intended for medications to be placed there to reduce the amount of medication that could potentially be misused, abused or harmfully ingested.

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Jessica Dixon, an intern with the Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau, contributed this guest column. For further information, contact Karen Branch at 765-362-0694 or by email at