Montgomery County Council approves compensation study


Montgomery County officials will soon begin an in-depth job classification and compensation study.

On Tuesday, members of the Montgomery County Council approved a contract with Waggoner, Irwin, Scheele and Associates in the amount of $62,840.

Councilmen Brett Cating, Steve Loy and Jake Bohlander, along with County Administrator Tom Klein, interviewed two firms for the work. Cating said all three committee members recommended hiring W.I.S.

On Monday, c0unty commissioners also approved the contract pending council approval.

Cating said the process will take a long time and the committee was fine with that since they want to be certain the report findings are useful.

Council members had hoped the study would be completed by June 2024, giving  them more information to decide county employee salaries. However, a representative from W.I.S. said in order to do the report properly, they will need more time.

“For us to get the quality report that we want, it cannot be rushed,” Cating said. “We need to give the firm all the time they need to do a thorough job.”

County department heads and elected officials will need to respond quickly to requests from W.I.S. for information.

“I want our people to please respond quickly when W.I.S. asks for information,” Cating said. “Please do not sit on the requests because that will just add to the time before we get our report. Please respond to W.I.S. in a timely manner to not delay the process.”

Klein said the committee will meet with the a W.I.S. representative Friday to get the project started.

In other business, the council heard a third quarter financial report from Montgomery County Auditor Mindy Myers stating the county finances were in good standing to finish out the calendar year.