Club News

Montgomery County Retired Teachers Association


President Kim Nixon called the meeting to order and welcomed new members Deb Vaught and Eileen Bormann. She led the membership in the Pledge of Allegiance and Sheila Hodges gave the invocation. A delicious lunch of tenderloins, salads, and mac and cheese was served by caterer Trish Schwabe. President Nixon wished Happy Birthday to those born in September and told several jokes.

Vice President Steve Frees introduced the speakers from the West Central Career Technical Education Team: Sara Nicodemus, Samanta Cotten and Jessica McClamroch. The purpose of the CTE is to prepare students in high school for high wage, high demand and high skill jobs when they graduate from high school. It is generally a two-year program and is available at North Montgomery, South Montgomery, Crawfordsville and Western Boone high schools. The program serves approximately 300 students in the fields such of auto mechanics, cosmetology, fire and rescue, pre-nursing, criminal justice, welding, HVAC and others. Students are expected to complete credits necessary for graduation and work half days in the area of interest. In the senior year students may work in clinicals or internships. Instructors come from the field of interest and include a former labor/delivery nurse, former chief of police and leaders of industry. In addition to the work the students to prepare for careers they CTE team also arranges workshops and job fairs. When surveyed, 91% or students said that the program prepared them for satisfactory careers.

The business meeting was called to order by Nixon. The minutes from the June 11 meeting were read by Secretary Karen Patton and Larry Manlove gave the treasurer’s report. Both were approved by the membership. Audit committee report was given. Lynne Robison and Margie Staten audited the books and reported that all was in order. Jan Armbruster reported for the community service committee. Members were asked to keep turning in their volunteer hours. A collection for the Mary Ludwig Free Clinic was taken and $124 was collected. Nixon reported that the MCRTA constitution and by-laws were updated to reflect the same form as the state organization. Marilyn Spear proposed that the changes be accepted. Darlene Dusek seconded the motion and the new changes were accepted by the membership. The report for the Foundation Grant committee was given by President Kim Nixon. The committee has decided to donate $1,000 to the Youth Service Bureau because it serves children in the community in many different programs. A proposal to donate the money to YSB was made by Linda Sobol and seconded by Cherlyn Hunter. The motion passed unanimously. The report for the members concerns and services committee was given by Nancy Buckles. The committee sent thank you notes to the officers who served last year and sent thinking of you cards to several members. Sympathy cards were sent to the families of Russ Ruby, Dick Haslam and Ray Seale.

Kathy Steele gave the membership committee report. We presently have 95 members but are expecting more to join in the next month. Letters were sent out to those who retired in May, and it was noted that two rejoined full time teaching this fall. No reports were given for necrology or nominations committees.

Colleen Page From AMBA reported that IRTA has been lobbying for more money for eldercare. It was also announced that AMBA is sponsoring a fund raiser on Oct. 8 for the Breast Cancer Walk. She passed out information on the fundraiser.

Nixon read a thank you from one of the campers of Archicamp at the Lew Wallace Study. The membership had voted to send money to support Archicamp. The IRTA is sponsoring a fall workshop on Sept. 22 in Hendricks County. Nixon, Patton and Manlove will attend. It was announced that Donna Wilson, counselor at Crawfordsville Middle School, is looking for someone to tutor a student in math. Barb Foster asked members to support the PEO Holiday Craft Fair at St. Bernards on Oct. 29. If you are interested in having a booth contact Glenda Frees or Nixon. It was announced that the next meeting will be on Oct. 10 with Dr. Scott Bowling as the speaker.

The meeting was adjourned and door prizes were distributed.