Laud & Honor

Music on Grant participates in new Indiana Arts Festival


Newly formed, the first ever Indiana Arts Festival was held March 10-11 in Avon. Indiana recently withdrew from the National Federation of Music Clubs to form their own group, offering more opportunities for students to perform in a more relaxed format.

Students were judged separately on solos from various genre including international patriotic and folk songs, sacred music, contemporary and classical music, video game music and music theory. Music on Grant sent 30 students to perform. Of those, 106 blue superior ribbons and eight excellent red ribbons were earned. Trophies also were awarded which included: 14 first level; four second level; six third level; and two large fourth level trophies.

Those participating were: Grayson, Everett and Skyler Bolgren, Astrid and Luc Raberyrin, Brendan, Jordan and Lindsey Young, Gabriel and Jackson Youngblood, Avery and Beth Siple, Elyse Langevin, Paige Rose, Elyse Garrett, Gage Frazee, Rilynn Hansen, Angelina Leyva, Treyton Burgess, Bethany Tennyson, Silas Hartnett, Thomas Wilson, Emerie Venis, Tyler Cregger, Evelynn Ashburn, August Ashment, Eleanor Hessler, Katherine Cherry, Lydia Vanhuysen, Prudence Madsen and Sage Schenck.

Schools represented were: Crawfordsville, North Montgomery, Southmont, Park Heritage, Lafayette, Ivy Tech and Purdue University.  Instructors at Music on Grant are Barb Wilson and Pamela Myers.