New Market church changes name

New identity reflects disaffiliation from United Methodist Church


NEW MARKET — The New Market United Methodist Church has become CrossWay Covenant Church.

The 151-year old congregation joined more than 6,000 other congregations which have recently disaffiliated from the United Methodist Church denomination. CrossWay Covenant disaffiliated through a unanimous vote in April, and the change became legally official as of July 1.

The name CrossWay recognizes both the belief that the cross symbolizes the way to salvation, and the fact that the church sits at New Market’s primary street crossing. The name Covenant honors our former sister church, Waveland Covenant United Methodist Church, which has recently closed.

Like many other disaffiliated United Methodist congregations, CrossWay Covenant has recently joined the Global Methodist Church, a new denomination made up of traditional Methodist churches.

CrossWay Covenant’s main goal in making this change has been to remain faithful to the Word of God.

Aside from the church’s name and affiliation, nothing else has changed. The church welcomes all who are interested in learning about the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and offers a casual but traditional style of worship. Sunday services are held at 10:45 a.m. and Sunday school for all ages starts at 9:30 a.m.

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