Painting the Town

Walters flips path, embraces artistic side


Ronnie “Flip” Walters has led a rough life. He has struggled with substance abuse, crime and peer pressure from the wrong crowd. Only a few knew the hidden talent deep inside of him. He was an artist just waiting to break out of his shell.

The untimely deaths of his former wife and father forced him to look closely at his choices. He knew if he did not “flip the path” he was on, he would end up with a similar fate. He decided to get clean and make a new life. 

Throughout his childhood, his mother encouraged him to work on his art. He had often turned away from it. Now he realized through his art, he would find healing for a painful past. The work began to flow out of him. He started painting customized tennis shoes and streetwear. Then, he became inspired by muralist Jenna Morello, as she painted the alley mural in downtown Crawfordsville. Morello helped Walters learn more about street art and encouraged him to stay with it.

The Recovery Coalition Inc. on Ladoga Road gave him a task. They let him paint the walls of their recreational space. It was his first significant piece and fueled the fire to create more. Many of his works can be seen all over Montgomery County. He is responsible for works of art at the Big Dipper, Reclaimed by Grace, CK & Company, Linden Pizza King and New Market, to name a few.

You might find one of his painted canvases hidden in town if you are lucky. Walters often will post a spot he has left one of his works on his Facebook page, Mystica Creations, for someone to find. The response has been amazing. So far, most canvases are located within minutes of the posting.

Other communities are asking Walters to complete murals in their communities. Otterbein is raising money to paint a large armed forces scene in their town. Custom works within private residences are also becoming popular.

Currently, Walters is raising funds to paint a large-scale mural on the side of Barefoot Burger. He is donating his time and talents to the project but needs money for the supplies. An account at Hoosier Heartland State Bank is accepting donations for the project. A GoFundMe account has also been established. All donations are appreciated.