Tax Time

Property tax payment deadline approaching


Property tax bills are mailed one time each year and should be arriving in the mail. They include payment coupons for the spring and fall due dates. The final day to pay spring taxes without penalty is May 10. If you choose to only pay the spring taxes at this time, hold onto your fall payment coupon to use this fall.

Some taxpayers are noticing a higher bill, which could be due to a few different factors including assessed values, tax rates and tax deductions. The Indiana form TS-1A on page 2 of the tax bill shows a two-year comparison of taxes and will indicate where the increase is occurring. Taxpayers can also research their parcels and current balances at or

You are entitled by law to receive a tax statement, even if the balance is zero or a mortgage company has marked your parcel “in escrow” and plans to pay it for you. If your taxes are zero or if your mortgage company is paying on your behalf, you do not need to send anything to the Treasurer’s Office.

Payment Options

• Pay at the office. The Treasurer’s Office is located in the Montgomery County Government Center and is open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 1580 Constitution Row. Be aware that there will be road construction on Constitution Row lasting approximately the next two weeks. Allow for extra time, as that road could be reduced to one-lane traffic.

• Use a drop box. A secure drop box is located on the south side of the county government center under the awning and is checked multiple times daily. The staff encourages the use of checks for this box. When using the drop box, put payments in an envelope and mark them clearly with information to identify the taxpayer, the address and the parcel. Your canceled check will serve as a receipt or you can include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to receive a returned receipt. Confirmation of payment history is available to view online for your parcel at

• Mail payments. Mail payments to the Treasurer’s Office at 1580 Constitution Row, Suite B, Crawfordsville, IN 47933. If a receipt is desired, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

• Pay at local banks. All Montgomery County First Financial, Hoosier Heartland State Bank and Tri-County branches offer a great service to our county residents by accepting payments during the tax season. This is in effect now through the due date as long as you have the payment coupon and pay that exact amount. The drive through service is available. You will receive a receipt from the bank.

• Pay online. The county website is On the home page, select Online Bill Pay. Next choose the Property Tax, Dog Taxes and Tax Payments option. Multiple parcels and dog taxes can be paid in the same transaction. Be aware that using any type of debit or credit card will accrue a 2.95% service fee. Using bank routing numbers instead for an e-check payment has only a .95 charge.

• Pay by phone. By using the secure access line of 855-276-8051, taxpayers can make payments over the phone by entering the parcel number. Service fees apply.

For questions, contact the appropriate Montgomery County office:

• Tax payments: Treasurer, 765-364-6410, (Tax time is busy and using email might be the best option for our office. We will respond to an email within 24 business hours.)

• Deductions: Auditor, 765-364-6400,

• Address changes: Mapping, 765-364-4123,

• Assessed values: Assessor, 765-364-6420,

• Ditch Reconstruction fees: Surveyor, 765-361-3234.