Club News

Russellville Halloween Social


The Russellville Halloween Social was held Saturday at the Russellville Community Center. The $50 grand prize went to the group of McKinley, Lexi, Nicki and Brandon Oliver; Carli and Sidney Hodgenand Billy Butcherson.

Reserve grand prize went to Brent Kockert.

Best Animal: Emma Goss, first; Elyse Bryan, second; Talaney Armstrong, third; Mercedes Harwood, fourth; Khloe Oliver, fifth; Riley Alexander, sixth; Jaycee Farris, seventh; Alan Auterson, eighth; Aneli Worth, ninth; Cheyenne Bachmann, tenth.

Best Character: Cullen Justiniano, first; Gwen Asher, second; Athena Walton, third; McKenna Walton, fourth; Josie Wilson, fifth; Aiden White, sixth; Beau Wiatt, seventh; Savannah Boler, eighth; Emma Portier, ninth; Roxanne Wolf, tenth.

Best Couple or Group: Isabella and Annabella Huff, first; Ben, Kayla, and Eli Wiatt, second; Brooke, Dave, David, and Corrine Busenbark, third; Brenda Wisener and Ronda Bixler, fourth; Vanieca Boler and Briana Bryant, fifth; Ryder and Rynlee Cashman, sixth; Larissa and Brooklynn Ison, seventh; Todd and Michelle Whipkey, eighth; Amanda, Cody, Amina, Rayne Fulwider, ninth.

Best Halloween Character: Elias Nicholson, first; Wayne Crane, second; Ava Lane, third; Abby White, fourth; Maddie Skirvin; fifth; Colie Justiniono, sixth; Rachael Auterson, seventh.

Miscellaneous: Karmyn Hildabridle, first; Aylor Olver, second: Tracer Whipkey, third; Trace Oliver, fourth; Tucker Harmon, fifth; Ryan Harmon, sixth; Mason Colindres, seventh; Ryan Hodges, eighth; Len Funbersul, ninth; Nathan Harmon, tenth.

Most Original Category: Briggs McMcBride, first; Sadie Oliver, second; Gunner Brock, third; Brayden Holferle, fourth; Mikah Sandau, fifth; Amanda White, sixth.

Prettiest: Ivyl Bryan,first; Kimber Modglin, second; Bristol Mangus,third; Raelyn McBride, fourth; Renesmee

Sandau. fifth; Kenzy Hall, sixth; Ellie Campbell, seventh; Gracie Powell, eighth; Opal Kockhert, ninth; Emily Mohan, tenth.

Ugliest: Debbie Bartelt, first; Kevin Kays, second; Elijah Colindres, third; Jayden Odore, fourth; Jaxson Kochert, fifth.

Sponsors for this year’s Halloween Social include Metal Forming Industries, Tri-County Bank, Hoosier Heartland State Bank, Ramsay Farms, Harrison Street Tavern, Co-Alliance of Russellville, Elect Jim Baird to U.S. Senate, Elect Beau Baird to State Representative, Jeff Kiger, Brad Davies, and Darrell Wiatt. Larry and Anne Lazarz donated pumpkins for decorations.

We wish to thank everyone that came to our social and we especially appreciated those that contributed in any way.