Semi-State Football

Scouting the Mounties semi-state foe


POSEYVILLE ­— North Posey stands in the middle of the road in Southmont’s journey to Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indiana State 2A Championship game. The 12-1 Vikings are a formidable opponent for the Mounties, as to be expected this deep in a playoff run, and by several accounts are nearly a spitting image of the Mounties.

Both teams like to run the ball and the Vikings have three players who have run the ball well this season. Junior Jed Galvin, senior Liam Stone and senior Colton Gardner have been instrumental in racking up a team total of 3,553 yards this season.

Galvin leads the rushing attack. The versatile player has 1,220 yards rushing and scored 22 touchdowns. He has 1,963 all-purpose yards. The thing that makes Galvin so dangerous is the fact he will line up at multiple positions in a game. This season he has lined up in the slot, tailback and quarterback.

North Posey coach Waylon Schenk said Galvin is a workhorse for the Vikings. Schenk has also returned punts and has 412 receiving yards. He also is instrumental on defense and will play multiple defensive positions in a game.

“Galvin does a little bit of everything for us,” Schenk said. “We use him in a variety of ways. He is smart and a team player.”

Stone is the Viking’s quarterback. He has completed 59% of his passes for 958 yards. Schenk said Stone is capable of throwing the ball when needed and is just shy of 1,000 rushing yards with 958.

“In games where we need to throw the ball, we have been able to,” Schenk said. “As we have advanced through the playoffs, we have had to pass a little more.”

Defensively the Vikings have excelled all season. The Vikings have given up an average of only 10.4 points per game and have proven they are capable of stopping high powered offenses. The Vikings led the state 2A teams in points allowed per game.

North Posey coaches and players are well aware the Mounties are playing well and they have plenty of respect for Southmont.

Galvin said by watching game films, he is well aware of Southmont’s offensive capabilities.

“Our keys for a win would be shutting down Southmont’s running game early,” Galvin said. “We definitely need to shut down their down field runners and contain their quarterback from scrambling.”

Schenk was more direct about Southmont’s talent and he is very much aware of Wyatt Woodall’s capabilities.

“We have not seen a back like Woodall,” Galvin said. “He is as good a football player as anyone we have seen this year.”

Schenk and Galvin are expecting the game to be close and hard fought. Both Vikings said the two teams are similar in a lot of ways and will both have a lot of fan support at the game. North Posey is preparing for a crowd that could top 7,000 fans according to Schenk who is also the Viking athletic director.

“We are expecting a large crowd and my biggest concern is parking,” Galvin said. “I noticed our fans are already marking their spots in the bleachers. It is going to be a crazy atmosphere.”

Galvin believes playing at home is an advantage.

“I’d say playing at home is a big piece to making it this far in the playoffs,” Galvin said. “It is exciting to see how big the turnout will be this Saturday. Our community support is a big reason why we have played with so much energy. We are expecting a large turnout from their fan base considering the history they are making,” Galvin added. 

This is the fifth semi-state game North Posey has played including the two losses to North Montgomery in 1995 and 1996. The Vikings are 1-3 in those game. Their lone semi-state championship was in 2005 and lost to Jimtown in the state championship game.