Class of 2022

South seniors earn recognition


NEW MARKET — Southmont High School conducted its Senior Academic Awards Program on May 18. The following students earned scholarships and recognition:

Top 20 Seniors — Brooke Ellenberger, Justin Bachmann, Chaney Scott, Taishi Greiner, Justine Troutman, Tiffany Dittmer, Gerald Hutson, Levi Brush, Xavier Essex, Ryan Reimondo, Taylor Grino, Raevan Million, Logan Oppy, Jacob Pike, Isabelle Miller, Hanna Nichols, Jalyn Caldwell, Jordan Stanley, Trent Jones and Macie Shirk

National Honor Society Recognition — Justin Bachmann, Bailey Barker, Levi Brush, Jalyn Caldwell, Tiffany Dittmer, Brooke Ellenberger, Dori Frederick, Taishi Greiner, Gerald Hutson, Trent Jones, Collin Martin, Isabelle Miller, Logan Oppy, Jacob Pike, Jenna Plemons, Chaney Scott, Frances Shaw, Bracy Slavens and Justine Troutman

Spanish Honor Society — Justin Bachmann, Bailey Barker, Kaitlyn Bowman, Elizabeth Conkright, Tiffany Dittmer, Brooke Ellenberger, Sydney Fagan, Brianna Heninger, Gerald Hutson, Thomas Kappel, Emma Mitchell, Logan Oppy, Kristian Prado, Sydney Pribble, Frances Shaw, Macie Shirk and Justine Troutman

Agriculture Awards — Levi Brush

Military Awards – Semper Fidelis — Bella Reagan and Brady Largent

Distinguished Athlete — Hanna Nichols and Trent Jones

Scholastic Excellence — Brooke Ellenberger and Justin Bachmann

Army Recognition — Nash Young

Altschul Orthodontics Scholarship — Frances Shaw

Amber Power Sparks Scholarship— Xavier Essex

American Legion Auxiliary Academic Award -— Avery Saunders

American Legion Gronert Award — Justine Troutman

Basketball Heritage Award — Avery Saunders and Hanna Nichols

Bob J. Tandy Scholarship — Isabelle Miller

Distinguished Young Women of Montgomery County Scholarship — Bracy Slavens and Chaney Scott

Durham Home Scholarship — Frances Shaw

Helen Hayes Allhands Grant — Jenna Plemons

Sybil & T. Herman Davis Tuition & Merit Scholarships — Xavier Essex, Taishi Greiner, Brady Largent, Logan Phillips, Ryan Reimondo, Chaney Scott and Justine Troutman

Hoosier Heartland State Bank Scholarship — Ryan Reimondo

Jeff McClaskey Scholarship — Logan Oppy

Joan E. Cline Memorial Scholarship — Avery Saunders

Kiwanis Club-Pat Cline Memorial Scholarship — Jacob Pike

Master Gardener’s Scholarship — Levi Brush

MIBOR Scholarship — Justine Troutman

Montgomery County Basketball Hall of Fame — Logan Oppy

Rhoads Family Memorial Scholarship — Levi Brush

Roger Routh Memorial Scholarship — Kaitlyn Bowman

Rox Anne Harris Memorial Scholarship — Logan Oppy

South Montgomery Community Education Assoc. Scholarship — Brooke Ellenberger and Emma Mitchell

Walnut Township Community Scholarship — Logan Oppy

Aaron C. Kessler Future Firefighter — Jacob Pike

Cole Petty Scholarship — Gerald Hutson

Edith V. Botts Nursing Scholarship — Baily Barker, Jaylyn Caldwell, Emma Mitchell, Frances Shaw and Bracy Slavens

Florence and Lee Servies Scholarship — Brady Largent

Fred & Ina Clark Scholarship — Tiffany Dittmer, Xavier Essex and Brady Largent

James C. Patton Music Scholarship — Taishi Greiner

James G. and Patti J. Pearson Scholarship — Isabelle Miller

Jerry and Dorothy Servies Vaughn Scholarship — Brady Largent

John and Ruth Isaacs Scholarship — Gerald Hutson

Keith Hester Scholarship — Levi Brush

Madonna Everhart and Betty Howard Nursing — Emma Mitchell and Frances Shaw

Max W. Johnson Scholarship — Levi Brush

MCCF Community Scholarship — Jacob Pike

Myron and Patsy Pattison Scholarship — Mallory Murphy

Pauline W. Conover Scholarship — Jacob Pike and Logan Oppy

Thelma Biddle Nolte Scholarship — Jalyn Caldwell, Raevan Million, Logan Oppy and Frances Shaw

William H. Earley Memorial Scholarship — Levi Brush

Art League of Montgomery County Award — Kaitlyn Burkholder

Baldwin Memorial Scholarship — Brady Largent

Bob & Margaret (Booher) Buser Scholarship — Tiffany Dittmer and Chaney Scott

Southmont Dollars for Scholars — Chaney Scott, Tiffany Dittmer, Emma Mitchell, Taishi Greiner, Raevan Million and Dori Frederick

Delta Theta Tau Scholarship — Brooke Ellenberger

Edmond & Martha Lauer Scholarship — Jenna Plemons

Ladoga Chapter Tri Kappa Scholarship — Silas Adams and Jacob Pike

Edith Strickler Memorial Scholarship — Bailey Barker

Mt. Zion Methodist Church Scholarship — Jacob Pike

Nucor Educational Scholarship — Sydney Fagan, Tiffany Dittmer, Chaney Scott and Trevor Surface

Nucor Steel Engineering Scholarship — Justin Bachmann

Parke County REMC Scholarship — Macie Shirk

Ripley Township — Isabelle Miller

Smullen Scholarship — Emma Mitchell

Sonoco Shining Star Scholarship — Kaitlyn Bowman

Crawfordsville Rotary Scholarship — Justine Troutman

ISU President’s Scholarship — Ryan Reimondo


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