Class of 2021

Southmont recognizes academic success


Southmont High School recently conducted its senior academic awards program. The following students were recognized:

Top 20 Seniors — Madison Livesay, Lauren Tricker, Krista Sixberry, Cameron King, Riley Woodall, Mallory Murphy, Megan Scheidler, Alexis Murphy, Alexis Chadwick, Alexander Doyle, Cassidy Bowlin, Austin Bowman, Aidan Portwood, Micah Korhorn, Madison Murphy, Cale Hess, Dillan Lauy, Darzy Chieppo, Brody Seaman, Emalie Ayers

National Honor Society Recognition — Cassidy Bowlin, Addison Charles, Cole Endicott, Cale Hess, Connor Keller, Cameron King, Madison Livesay, Madison Murphy, Mallory Murphy, Lillian Mussche, James Nichols, Megan Scheidler, Lauren Tricker, Riley Woodall

Spanish Honor Society — Emalie Ayers, Olivia Bobenmoyer, Richard Brown, Alexis Chadwick, Abigail Gass, William Beck McIntyre, Rayna Powell, Jasmine Thomas

Agriculture Awards — Lauren Tricker

Amber Power Sparks Scholarship — Connor Keller

American Legion Auxiliary Academic Award — Evan Francis

Bob J. Tandy Scholarship — Megan Scheidler

Chancellor’s Opportunity Scholarship — Darzy Chieppo

Distinguished Young Women of Montgomery County Scholarship — Cassidy Bowlin, Addison Charles

Helen Hayes Allhands Grant — Megan Scheidler

Sybil and T. Herman Davis Tuition and Merit Scholarships — Lauren Tricker, Riley Woodall, Mallory Murphy, Madison Livesay

Hoosier Heartland State Bank Scholarship — Aidan Portwood

Kiwanis Club - Pat Cline Memorial Scholarship — Riley Woodall

MIBOR Scholarship — Lauren Tricker

Montgomery County Farm Bureau Scholarship — Madison Livesay

Rhoads Family Memorial Scholarship — Lillian Mussche

Roger Routh Memorial Scholarship — Madison Livesay

Rox Anne Harris Memorial Scholarship — Madison Livesay

South Montgomery Community Education Assoc. Scholarship — Megan Scheidler

Edith V. Botts Nursing Scholarship — Alexis Chadwick, Madison Livesay, Aniston Sheean

Brian Bowman Memorial Scholarship — Madison Livesay

Fred and Ina Clark Scholarship — Madison Livesay, Cameron King, Krista Sixberry, Megan Scheidler

Pauline W. Conover Scholarship — Cassidy Bowlin, Addison Charles, Micah Korhorn, Alexis Murphy

William H. Earley Memorial Scholarship — Alexis Chadwick

Madonna Everhart and Betty Howard Nursing Scholarship — Dillan Lauy, Madison Livesay

Francis E. Gray Scholarship — Mallory Murphy, Lauren Tricker

MCCF Initiative Scholarship — Lauren Tricker, Riley Woodall

Thelma Biddle Nolte Scholarship — Connor Keller, Madison Murphy, Lillian Mussche, Kayla Thomas

Myron and Patsy Pattison Scholarship — Makayla Oppy Jane Scheidler

James G. and Patti J. Pearson Scholarship — Megan Scheidler

Cole Petty Scholarship — Lauren Tricker

Earnest and Diana Rhoads Scholarship — Krista Sixberry

Florence and Lee Servies Scholarship — Olivia Bobenmoyer, Lillian Mussche

Joseph and Clara Smith Scholarship — Riley Woodall

Jerry and Dorothy Servies Vaughn Scholarship — Madison Murphy

Altschul Orthodontics Scholarship — Cassidy Bowlin

American Legion Byron Cox Post 72 Theodore G. Gronert Award — Cameron King

Art League of Montgomery County Award — Mazie Pinchin

Baldwin Memorial Scholarship — William Beck McIntyre, Jayden Rivers

Bob and Margaret (Booher) Buser Scholarship — Madison Livesay, Lauren Tricker

Southmont Dollars for Scholars — Abigail Gass, Addison Charles, Alexander Doyle, Aniston Sheean, Cameron King, Connor Keller, Lauren Tricker, Madison Livesay, Mallory Murphy, William Beck McIntyre

Durham Home Scholarship — Megan Scheidler

Edmond and Martha Lauer Scholarship — Lauren Tricker

Knights of Pythias Educational Assistance Scholarship — Kayla Thomas

Ladoga Chapter Tri Kappa Scholarship — Cameron King, Riley Woodall

Edith Strickler Memorial Scholarship — Connor Keller

Mt. Zion Methodist Church Scholarship — Lillian Mussche

Next Generation Hoosier Educator Scholarship — Megan Scheidler

Nucor Educational Scholarship — Amanda Rutledge, Brooklyn Jones, Marissa Craig, Natalie Manion, Olivia Bobenmoyer

Nucor Steel Engineering Scholarship — Lauren Tricker

Parke County REMC Scholarship — Alexander Doyle

Ripley Township — Darzy Chieppo

Steel Dynamics Scholarship — Blake Gardner, Connor Keller

Crawfordsville Rotary Scholarship — Addison Charles

Wm and Louis Allen Scholarship — Madison Livesay