Life-saving Solutions

Spring brings Safe Haven Awareness Month


We are now entering into the spring season with new growth and beginnings.

The month of April and new life, is a special time for the National Safe Haven Alliance. This life-saving nonprofit that works to promote the continuing existence of the Safe Haven laws across the country, and in Indiana, is celebrating April as Safe Haven Awareness month once again.

The National Safe Haven Alliance will continue to support mothers facing crisis pregnancies and post birth situations, with life-saving alternatives and solutions to prevent infanticide and newborn abandonment.

In many of these situations, a mother is considering surrendering her infant due to lack of family support and other challenges. Our goal is to walk with this mother to provide what she might desperately need, whether it be supporting her choice to parent, a need for temporary placement, adoption assistance or Safe Haven relinquishment. We are committed to work with this mother by researching the support in her community.

Our crisis response team and our 24/7 confidential hotline, are always available to provide these safe options in a crisis situation. Call 1-888-510-BABY (2229) or visit online at for assistance.

Spreading the awareness of this life-saving alternative, is so necessary to make sure that anyone in this crisis needing help will know that they have a confidential source of support with total anonymity and with no fear of prosecution.

Please help us celebrate the 4,741 newborn’s lives saved in the last 20-plus years. We are thankful and grateful for the providers that help to save many.

We at the National Safe Haven Alliance are committed to continue this Life Saving Mission until there is no need.                                                            

Denise Maxwell is the National Safe Haven representative for the state of Indiana.