State Rep. Baird seeks farmers’ input on land drainage issues, laws


STATEHOUSE — State Rep. Beau Baird (R-Greencastle) is seeking feedback from Hoosier farmers about how Indiana’s agricultural drainage laws could be improved.

Baird is co-chair of the Drainage Task Force, which was established to review the responsibilities of landowners and authorities under current drainage laws, and determine the balance between state and local authority over regulation. Baird said his goal is to determine whether changes could be made to give farmers more flexibility to address drainage issues.

“Farmers often deal with flooding on their land, which can have devastating impacts on their crops, and be costly and time consuming to address,” Baird said. “Hoosiers across the state have expressed concerns over drainage regulations and the burden they create for farmers. That’s why we want to dig in on this issue, and offer responsible solutions that help landowners and support the environment.”

Baird asks the public to contact him directly with their input by calling 317-232-9981 or emailing by Dec. 21, which is the next scheduled Drainage Task Force meeting. Members of the public are welcomed to attend and testify at the meeting, which will start at noon in the Senate Chamber at the Statehouse. The meeting will also be livestreamed and archived online at

“We rely on public testimony from Hoosiers who are personally impacted by these regulations,” Baird said. “That way we can ask the right questions and get the information we need to make informed recommendations.”

Baird said the task force is planning more meetings next year following the legislative session, which runs January through April. The committee’s final recommendations will be reported by December 2023.

Baird represents House District 44, which includes all of Putnam County and a portion of Montgomery County.