The high calling of teachers


The Bible tells us in I Timothy 6:2, “… these things teach and exhort.” As teachers, we want to do more than just inspire our students to love academics. We also want tomato a real and lasting impact in their hearts and lives. We strive to help them grow in character and wisdom and most of all to experience the greatest joy when we see Christ work directly in their lives.

Teachers have profoundly affected the life of most of us. They have educated us, inspired us, encouraged us, and helped us to focus our direction in life.

After getting out of the Marine Corps, I headed off to the University of Montevallo. I must confess I was very nervous about freshman English. My first composition paper looked as if it had bled to death, due to the amount of red ink corrections. I was very discouraged and made an appointment with Dr. Goldson, my English professor. She was a silver-haired, gracious and godly woman. I told her my concern about being able to accomplish the needed work. I will never forget her words — “I am a teacher, do you want to be a learner? If you will work, I will teach you English and how to write.” She inspired, encouraged and taught me. She played a vital role in my life and I became a “learner.”

These years later, after earning two doctorate degrees, serving as a university president, writing a number of books — I think back to her high calling and impact in a young man’s life.

Are you willing to be a teacher? Whose life can you impact, encourage and focus on Jesus Christ? Think back today those wonderful, caring teachers God has put in your life. If possible, thank them for using their gift of teaching — a very high calling from God. Teachers, we thank you and praise you.


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