There’s water on our minds

Lunch with the League presents SWCD’s Kristen Latzke

Sugar Creek
Sugar Creek
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Kristen Latzke, the Montgomery County Soil and Water Conservation Director, knows that water is currently on everyone’s mind because of the impact that the Boone County LEAP Project is having on our community and on our state.

Unlike most of us, however, Latzke is qualified to speak about water. She is an experienced environmental educator and conservationist with a demonstrated history of working among and between various

organizations. She has been the program coordinator with the Montgomery County SWCD since 2020 and is a trusted voice to explain more fully how water quality, water flow and other issues directly affect life in our county.

At noon Friday, the public will have the opportunity to hear Latzke talk about water on the third floor of Fusion 54, 101 W. Main St. She will set our current issues into context by describing the water quality and conservation work the SWCD has been involved with for more than 80 years. She will mention the many services offered by the district, mention how Soil and Water Conservation Districts came into being, and focus on the importance of water quality and the current health of Sugar Creek. Come and learn why water quality and abundance is so important to our farmers, to our wildlife, and to us as a community.

Joining Latzke will be Kenny Cain, lifelong Montgomery County farmer, Sugar Creek steward and conservation cropping innovator. Cain, who hosts the Montgomery County Fourth Grade Farm Field trips, and has received many awards for his conservation farming work, will be glad to answer audience questions from a boots-on-the-ground perspective. Cain is also a member of the Montgomery County SWCD board.

Bring your lunch and join Latzke and Cain as they discuss this most important resource.

Lunch with the League is a program in the public interest sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Montgomery County. Lunch with the Leagues are free, and take place at noon on the first Friday of each month at Fusion 54.