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CMS brings ‘Finding Nemo Jr.’ to the stage


Crawfordsville Middle School is making a splash in the world of theater as they present the much-anticipated production of “Finding Nemo Jr.”

The musical will be performed at 7 p.m. today and Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Sunday in the Connie L. Meek Auditorium at Crawfordsville High School.

The musical is directed by Jennie Swick and choreographed by Lisa Warren.

“Finding Nemo Jr.” is a theatrical adaptation of the beloved Disney-Pixar animated film, taking the audience on an epic underwater journey. Marlin (Jack Sweet), a cautious clownfish, embarks on a daring adventure across the ocean to find his lost child, Nemo (Hailey Sarver). Along the way, they meet a lovable yet forgetful Dory (Caroline Bowling) and a host of other captivating characters. Together, they explore the vast depths of the sea, learning valuable lessons about family, friendship and the courage to venture into the unknown.

“I love being Dory,” Bowling said. “I have so much fun and get to be so creative with the character.”  Sarver loves singing the “Where’s My Dad” songs. She also is excited to have a bigger role in this year’s musical. 

“My favorite part of being Gill is having to be serious while being surrounded by a whole bunch of funny people,” Shaeleigh Hreskowsky said. 

Those people include Alivia Lowe as Bloat, Aubrey Finney as Gurgle, Laken Suitors as Peach and Kenley Lain as Bubbles.

Audiences can look forward to the musical brilliance of “Big Blue World,” “Just Keep Swimming” and “Go With the Flow,” three standout numbers that promise to leave a lasting impression. The production boasts vibrant costumes and set design, creating a visually stunning underwater world that enhances the storytelling.

“Finding Nemo Jr.” carries themes of growth, bravery and the formation of unexpected bonds. Marlin learns to let go of his fears, Nemo discovers his bravery and Dory finds a new family in Marlin and Nemo.

Tickets may be purchased online at Prices are $8 for adults and $6 for students.