Updated comprehensive plan to receive hearing

Commissioners to consider county’s revised vision for future growth, development


After almost a year of public meetings and input, the final step for the update to the County’s Comprehensive Plan will occur Tuesday at the Board of Commissioners meeting where officials will conduct a public hearing and consider a resolution approving the plan. The final step follows the County Plan Commission’s action in April where members conducted a public hearing and voted to send a favorable recommendation to the county commissioners.

The meeting will start at 8 a.m. and will be held in the community meeting room of the County Government Center, 1580 Constitution Row, Crawfordsville.

The plan is available for review at the commissioners office, 1580 Constitution Row, the Crawfordsville District Public Library and online at

The plan acts as the guiding document for decisions related to growth and development. The plan states: “Montgomery County aims to position itself as a thriving resilient community with a focus on economic prosperity, residential growth and quality of life.”

The plan identifies five focus areas for the plan. They include business retention/expansion, business attraction, talent attraction/development, community marketing/messaging and community development/economic growth.

The plan embraces smart growth principles to ensure sustainable development, focusing on efficient land use, development around existing infrastructure, transportation connectivity and technological integration.

The plan also recognizes the importance of preserving the County’s agricultural heritage and natural landscapes. A unique aspect of the update is the integration of health and wellness in to the plan which reflects a proactive and community-centric approach to building a healthier and more resilient future.

Fifty-six community representatives of small business, industry, education, agriculture and land owners and real estate participated in focus group meetings to provide input in to the update of the plan. A community input session was also held at the county government center.