Wabash ranked nationally in college salary report

PayScale’s rankings show connection between strong education, earning potential


Wabash College continues to rank among the best colleges and universities nationally when it comes to the salaries its graduates earn.

According to the 2023 College Salary Report, Wabash graduates rank No. 48 in the all-alumni category — alumni who earned a bachelor’s degree, including those who went on to earn additional degrees at any school — with an early-career salary listing of $78,700 and a mid-career salary of $159,900.

“Research shows that paid internships boost salaries and confidence in pursuing careers, even one year after graduation and Wabash has offered an average of about 200 paid internships each summer in recent years,” said Cassie Hagan, director of professional development and the Center for Innovation, Business, & Entrepreneurship. “Our graduates have had access to invested career mentors, paid internship opportunities, and an education that prepares them for career mobility. Leadership experience afforded to Wabash students likely contributes to higher mid-career salaries, since management responsibilities often factor into salary as well.”

Wabash graded well among graduates who earn only a bachelor’s degree, ranking 96th nationally among all institutions according to the salary graduates can earn. Based on this ranking, Wabash graduates earn $74,200 in the early-career category (0-5 years after graduation) and $140,900 at mid-career (10+ years of experience).

Those figures ranked No. 24 nationally among liberal arts colleges and third in the Midwest behind Rose-Hulman and Notre Dame.

Based on this ranking, Wabash graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn nearly $290,000 more over a 20-year period than the median college graduate, which breaks down to better than $14,000 annually. 

The Payscale 2023 College Salary Report includes 1,736 of the 2,167 eligible bachelor’s degree granting schools in the U.S.