A Magical Place & Time

Carnegie Museum opens Amazing Castle exhibit


The Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County has opened The Amazing Castle, an amazing hands-on adventure. Visitors are transported to a magical place and time ­— inside the castle’s stone walls lays a happy and peaceful little community where every citizen has a special job to do. Children can don costumes and engage in role-play by becoming lords and ladies, castle villagers or even “HiJinx the Jester.”

As visitors explore the Amazing Castle and its eight themed areas, they will encounter illustrations of the seven citizens who are a part of the castle community. From entertaining to sewing to blacksmithing, each citizen has a special job to do. You’ll find “Trim the Tailor” and “Gable the Carpenter” in their workshops. After picking vegetables in the garden with “Posey the Gardener,” kids can tote them to the Great Hall to cook up a royal meal with “Kipper the Cook,” or they can visit the Tower to wake “Herald the Dragon.”

For the youngest visitors, the Keep is the place to be. Toddlers can create a miniature, magical community in a castle-inspired dollhouse, build their own fortress out of “stone” blocks, and play with a castle busy wall. The Amazing Castle is designed for visitors of all ages and will be open for play through Sept. 2.

The Carnegie Museum is at 222 S. Washington St. Admission is free and the museum is wheelchair and stroller accessible. It is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.


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