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Back in town: A Belgian in Crawfordsville


Two years after I visited Crawfordsville for the first time upon my family’s invitation to celebrate Thanksgiving with them, I am back in town. I first thought that the city had not changed much. And in several ways, it has not. People I came across were just as kind and friendly as I remembered, the Thanksgiving Pie Run on the Sugar Creek Trail is still as fun and seems to gather more people every year, and the food from Four Seasons remains delicious. Wabash College still has not gone co-ed, but all changes do not happen overnight.

In other ways, Crawfordsville seems to be thriving and attracting more people from different communities and backgrounds, which is always a good thing. New restaurants have opened, the Art Gallery spotlights several artists, old and new, and the chocolate from Ray Lee’s new Chocolaterie is exquisite (as a Belgian, I can confirm).

But once again, the conclusion and highlight of my visit is the same as two years ago: Crawfordsville’s real perk to me is the amazing and loving family I have there. So cheers to Julia, Sylvine, Warren, Bob and Jess.

Anne-Sophie Bouvy