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Beekeepers of Montgomery County


The Beekeepers of Montgomery County met Oct. 12 at Davidson’s Greenhouse and Nursery. An executive board meeting took place preceding the regular club gathering. The executive board assigned officer roles as follows for the 2022 year: Cindy Woodall, president; Royce Foster, vice president; Andria Grady, secretary; David Brown, treasurer; Daniel Truax, hivemaster; and Sally Reagan and Jennifer Fourney, communications/social media directors. Roles and responsibilities for each office were determined.

Hoosier Heartland State Bank was selected to set up a banking account. A club mission statement and bylaws will be the focus for the executive board in the coming year.

Truax then led all members to our monthly hive inspection. The hive was preventively treated last month for Varroa mites. The bees were docile and happy upon inspection. The meeting was officially called to order by Woodall at 7 p.m. Members discussed the abundance of visitors to the club booth at Davidson’s Harvest Festival, the receiving of funds from member participation at the Indiana State Fair and the upcoming Fall Conference in Shipshewana.

Returning as a speaker this month was David Hocutt, Certified Eastern Apicultural Society Master Beekeeper. Hocutt continued his previous discussion on bee biology including reproductive cycles, swarm signs in the hive and hive pests/problems. 

Refreshments were provided by Deb Barowsky and Grady. Truax shared some of his brewed cranberry mead with the group.

Next month’s meeting will be Nov. 10 at Davidson’s Greenhouse and Nursery.  It will be the last meeting of the 2021 year. Hive inspection will take place at 6:30 p.m., weather permitting, and followed by the regular meeting. A speaker from The Beekeepers of Indiana will discuss the benefits of joining the state organization and be available to answer questions. Also, attendees of the state fall conference will share their experiences. All are welcome to visit the club meeting regardless of beekeeping experience.


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