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God meets our needs


The Bible gives us a wonderful verse on the Lord’s care for us as His children. Philippians 4:19 says, “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” God is our all-powerful, all-compassionate, all-wise and all-loving heavenly Father. He loves us so much that He sacrificed His son Jesus Christ for our salvation. We can certainly trust Him to provide our needs to live day by day, after His giving so much to save our souls.

Learning the names of God in the Bible teach us so much about His person. The name “Adonai,” which means “lord and master” speaks of His ownership of each one of us and His responsibility to supply what is required in your life. Our duty is to love Him, to trust and obey Him and to keep our focus upon Him — not what we think is missing in our lives.

My friends, when we shift our focus to what we do not have, we typically try to fulfill our needs in our own way. What we seek for ourselves is never as good as what our Heavenly Father has for us, and unfortunately what we seek on our own can lead to lack of trust and obedience.

Therefore, let me encourage you today, trust the Lord to be your source of everything you need. Keep your focus upon Him. He gives you opportunities to work, He will miraculously supply, He will use the generosity of others to provide for you. God not only can, but will, make His provisions available to you. I can say this by decades of experience.

Another name for God in the Bible is “Jehovah Jireh,” which means “the lord will provide.” It is His character to be faithful — so my friends, have faith that He will come through for you. And be sure to thank Him for His provisions.


Dr. David Bouler of Global Faith Ministries, Chattanooga, Tennessee, contributed this column to the Journal Review. He can be reached by email at debouler@aol.com.


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