Harvest Hazards

Department of Ag warns of seasonal traffic on rural roads


Harvest season is here, and Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, Indiana State Department of Agriculture Director Bruce Kettler, Hoosier Ag Today and many other state agencies have teamed up to promote roadway safety this fall encouraging motorists to watch out and slow down for farm equipment on rural roads this harvest season. To kick off the campaign ISDA and Hoosier Ag Today created a Public Service Announcement to inform drivers of what to do when encountering farm equipment on roadways.

Crouch, as Indiana’s Secretary of Agriculture, is a staunch supporter of Hoosier farmers and wants to ensure everyone gets home to their families safely.

“There is nothing more beautiful than rural Indiana in the fall,” Crouch said. “But, with that beauty comes heightened roadway dangers during harvest season. I am encouraging all Hoosiers to be alert and be patient on rural roads this harvest season.”

In 2020 three vehicles were involved in crashes with farm equipment in Indiana which resulted in two deaths, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“Rural road safety is something we all take very seriously. Each year Hoosiers lose their lives unnecessarily,” Kettler said. “I want to continue to encourage roadway safety for motorists and for farmers. These accidents can be prevented if we all slow down and use caution around farm equipment this fall.”

Farm equipment during harvest season could include tractors, combines, grain carts, grain wagons and large trucks hauling agricultural products. These vehicles are wide, sometimes taking up most of the road, and often travel at speeds no greater than 25 mph.

“Despite encouraging motorists and farmers alike to take extra precaution on roadways during harvest season, crashes still occur every year,” Carter said. “One death is one too many. I want to remind everyone to remain alert and exercise caution as you travel on Indiana’s rural roads this fall.”