Town News

Hillsboro Town Board


The April 11 meeting of the Hillsboro Town Board was opened at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance being led by President Jody Fishero. All board members were present. Clerk-treasurer Angie Golia was absent.

On a motion by Dewaine Bowling and a second by Ed Moyer, the minutes of the March 14 meeting were approved.

Old Business:

Nuisance Violations

There will be a hearing at 9:30  a.m. in Fountain County Court on the tearing down and clean up of one vacant house. The owners had promised to tear down and to clean it up if the town would give them until April 1. The owners did not fulfill their promise.

The second is a building downtown and is considered unsafe. Stu Weliever, town attorney, is in the process of filing papers against its owner.

The third building owner, told Weliever that she will sign an agreement to have the work done on it by May 21, which will include town cleanup day.

The fourth building is a downtown apartment building that has received one letter and nothing has been done to clean it up. Weliever will send a letter along with the citation.

For the last building, Weliever will also send a letter for a second time, addressing the need for to be cleaned up.

The council:

ADA: Ed Moyer is working on this but had nothing to report at this time.

ARPA: Tom Fishero said that an updated cost for a sewer line to Pro Flex had increased to $463,500. As soon as a proposal is written up, the Fountain County Commissioners said they would vote on it. At that time, it would be decided if we would receive all we need or if we have to put some money into it also. The business is not in Hillsboro, it is considered a county business.

If we do not have to put any money into the ARPA sewer project, the savings would go toward buying Neptune Radio Read Meters for the water department. A quote of $83,700 was given but it is only good for 30-60 days. These meters would help read them much faster and since Hillsboro only has one person doing all of the town’s utilities plus all the other jobs needed done, it would be very time saving.


TRECS Program: The board voted to accept the program after a motion from Bowling and a second from Moyer to approve using the program.

HWC Engineering asked about whether we wanted to proceed with the next round of CCMG. Golia is to come back with an estimate of what is needed. A motion to proceed getting an agreement on it was made by Bowling with a second by J. Fishero. Motion carried.

Jody Fishero signed a document for Reith Riley.

The internet was added to the Hillsboro Volunteer Fire Department. The police department will use the HVFD internet service also. Fire Chief Wesley Fishero will be looking for a computer for the HVFD.


Tom Fishero reported that the HVFD is still waiting to see if they can get a grant to do some of the repairs on the Town owned fire station building.

The panel for Lift Station #2 still hasn’t arrived.

There has still not been any contract received for the water tower cleaning.

New Business:

Nuisance Violations: The Town has received eight new ones. Three are past offenders and four are new and all of them will a citation and a letter. The last one has been sold.

Weliever said that in July, a new law affects utilities. The town will no longer charge a sales tax on the water/sewer/trash pickup. Townspeople will be receiving information on it in the near future.

Jody Fishero did a short tribute to Gordon Foster and Ed Moyer noting their many services to the town for many years. Both had been members of the town board and Hillsboro Booster Club plus each had other things they had done to help. They both had “a commitment to serve and worked for the betterment of Hillsboro.”

Bowling would like to get people to comply with the nuisance violations.

Moyer thanked the community for their support following the passing of his Dad, Ed Moyer Sr. He reported there would be a celebration of love for his dad on July 31.

Scott Rainey will be patrolling days and the reserve officers at night.

Tom Fishero is waiting for a quote to get the merry-go-round at the park fixed.

Jessica Elkins (for Angie Golia) reported that at 6:30 p.m. May 9 there will be a hearing on additional appropriations. This is in regard to road grant funds. This is also the regular May town board meeting.

A request was received from a 4-H Leader to find some volunteer jobs for the 4-H kids.

Jody Fishero made a motion to pay the bills as read, with a second from Bowling. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned 8:29 p.m.