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Letter: Let’s hope Trump’s plan is successful


As all of America watches our President address the nation on the current pandemic I was amused and concerned about his proposal to Congress to provide financial assistance to small business and individuals who qualify based on income and need. It was about this same time that the Indianapolis Cotls announced the signing of Philip Rivers for the 2020 season at $25 million. NFL teams have voted to extend the season next year to 17 games. For Rivers this computes to $1,470,588 per game.

To take it another step, Rivers’ salary computes to $19,607.84 per snap based on most teams running 75-80 plays per game. Jacoby Brissett, now destined to be the backup quarterback, is only receiving a measly $21 million for next season and may never play. Anthony Constanzo recently signed for $17 million. You can do the math for 17 games. The Colts also just signed DeForest Buckner, DT, for $21 million per season. Maybe ticket prices will increase.

Victor Oladipo is now playing full-time for the Pacers. His salary for 82 games is $21 million. If Victor does play, he is receiving $256,097 per game. How about professional baseball? The Washington Nationals signed Max Scherzer to a contract paying $42 million per season. In 2019 he pitched 172 innings. This is $244,186 per inning. Mike Trout is the highest paid, non-pitcher in the majors. His current annual is $34 million. Trout batted 470 times in 2019. This means he was paid $72, 340 each time he came to the plate. The majors play 162 games per season. Very few players play all 162 games, but if Trout did so, he would earn $209,876 per game.

The minimum pay for all pro athletes is shocking, including practice players in the NFL who receive $12,000 per week. Those in the entertainment business are yet another story. DeWayne (The Rock) Johnson’s salary was $89.4 million this past year. Pro golfers prize monies are also eye-popping. I’m sure Tiger Woods can make his yacht payments and feed the kids.

Indiana’s total population is an estimated 7 million. Should Rivers want to donate his salary to this population for 2020, each citizen in Indiana would receive $3,571.42.

Years ago a former U.S. President promised everyone 40 acres and mule. Let’s hope and pray President Donald Trump’s plan is more successful.

Steve House



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